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Unlock Innovation is a business for change.

We are a multi-disciplinary, multi-generational team of experts with professional and lived experience with neurodivergence, particularly, dyslexia. We have a strong understanding of neurodiversity, inclusivity, and the connection to innovation potential.

While we have a research-based approach, our commitment is to deliver practical and actionable guidance that engages, inspires, and empowers positive change.

Focused on dyslexia, we help organisations understand its impact in the workplace, raise awareness of its value for innovation, and guide them in fostering a dyslexia-friendly culture.

We conduct tailored research and offer a range of accessible services including training, consulting, coaching, assessments, and ongoing research to support organisations of all sizes in unlocking hidden talent and potential.


Enhancing New Zealand's innovation ecosystem

In 2023, Unlock Innovation was awarded an Ārohia Innovation Trailblazer Grant from Callaghan Innovation.

How we got here


Preliminary Research

Workshop Series

with Industry Partners

With partial funding from MBIE and Vodafone, we ran a series of three co-design workshops in 2022, with our industry partners:
Inde Technology
Trimble New Zealand
Phocas Software


Advisory Group

Industry leaders supporting the mahi.

Our supportive advisory group:

William Lee

Louisa Taylor

George Journeaux

Callum McKirdy
Carl Davidson

Tasneem Gould


Industry Partners

Canterbury-based tech firms

Our key industry partners are committed and ready to join us on the pilot programme -

Dyslexia Focus:

Inde Technology

Trimble New Zealand 

Phocas Software



Ongoing data collection to

service pilot programme

We are committed to conducting rigorous industry-based research to ensure we are at the forefront of understanding. All insights help support the development of Dyslexia Focus, our first tech sector pilot programme.



Tailored to suit your needs.

We offer a suite of services that can be mixed and matched to suit your needs. We meet you where you are on your journey, whether that is Dyslexia 101, customised consulting services or workplace assessments.


Our core focus:

Industry-based pilot programme

This is our focus area.

We are looking for financial and professional support to get the pilot programme off the ground. The foundations have been laid and our partners are ready. Contact us for more info.

Meet the team

We are an agile team of seasoned professionals.



A special thanks to Ann Brown for her invaluable contributions as an original co-founding member of the Unlock Innovation team. Ann champions a fully integrated co-design approach, ensuring that those with lived experience are not only heard but also respected as experts and partners throughout the journey. Ann's thoughtful co-design advice and skills have significantly enriched our project, shaping it into what it is today. 

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