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Our Research

Our tech industry research is

conducted in partnership with NZTech

While we have a research-based approach, we are committed to delivering practical and actionable guidance that engages, inspires, and empowers positive change.

Our journey started with participatory research in partnership with Canterbury Tech and we will continue to place importance on research. If there is one thing missing from the New Zealand landscape when it comes to creating dyslexia-friendly workplaces, it is rigorous research and evidence. In particular, that which can be accessed and actioned by industry, and our focus is on the tech sector.

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We have developed a series of surveys to help us understand where New Zealand businesses are at in terms of their understanding of dyslexia and their appetite to unlock the huge potential Dyslexic Thinking represents.


Pilot Programme

Watch this space!

More information to follow.


Parallel Research

What this space!

More information to follow.


Workshop Series

In 2022, we ran a series of participatory workshops with our industry partners, Inde Technology, Trimble New Zealand and Phocas Software. 

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