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Speaking Opportunities

Speaking Opportunities

Delivery options: In-person and online remote
Speaker: Dorenda Britten
Cost: $3000 + Travel + GST
Special offer: Free sessions available (with travel + accommodation expenses covered)

About this service

Dorenda is a dynamic speaker with decades of experience. Through her own change agency, Dorenda Britten Ltd., she often speaks from experience about leadership qualities in a new age.

Dorenda is interested in New Zealand's future and how we can do well while influencing the world for good.

With Unlock Innovation, Dorenda welcomes the opportunity to talk to your organisation about how critical a diversity thought is to innovation processes.

Unlock Innovation came about through Dorenda's work bringing diverse teams together to solve challenges. By diversity, she means those of us who are left brain (logical, process driven) and right brain (creative and intuitive). Dorenda's belief is that we need both brain types to challenge each other during the development of any worthwhile idea. 


As a public speaker, Dorenda is not afraid to challenge the audience, point out the proverbial elephant, or question the status quo. She is professional and unconventional; with a valuable contribution to make, she will undoubtedly deliver a memorable experience.

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