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Dyslexia 101

Dyslexia 101

Delivery options: In-person or webinar
Presenter: Chris Cole
Cost: $1500 + GST

About this service

Join us for insightful lunchtime sessions led by dyslexia expert Chris Cole, designed to increase awareness and understanding of dyslexia in the workplace.


These 50 minute sessions, available in-person or online, will explore the impact of dyslexia on thinking and communication, as well as the unique strengths and challenges associated with dyslexic thinking.


These first steps of awareness and knowledge will kickstart conversations about fostering a more inclusive environment

Working with Coffee

Dyslexia 101 is designed for:

  • Team leaders and supervisors.

  • Learning and development teams.

  • HR professionals.

  • Neurodiversity employee resource groups.

  • Executive leadership and board members.

  • All employees with an interest in diversity and inclusion​.


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