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Delivery options: In-person or remote
Consultants: Chris Cole | Ann Brown | Dorenda Britten
Cost: $190 per hour + GST

About this service

Our consultancy service is specialised to support organisations to create more dyslexia-friendly and inclusive work environments.


We offer a range of tailored solutions, including implementing dyslexia-inclusive communication, promoting an understanding that everyone processes information differently, and conducting comprehensive workplace audits to establish a baseline for improvement.


We aim to help you develop a customised plan for inclusivity, ensuring every team member can participate and thrive.


Our Consultancy Service is designed for:

  • Team leaders and supervisors.

  • Learning and development teams.

  • HR professionals.

  • Executive leadership and board members.


Book today

We are taking bookings for 2024. Please use the form below to make an expression of interest and we will be in touch.


All of our services are tailored to suit your needs and meet you where you are on your journey.


We would be delighted to hear from you.

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