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Empowering organisations to access the innovative potential of dyslexic individuals.

We begin by raising awareness; tackling your ideas, assumptions, and questions about dyslexia head-on.


Then, as hidden talent emerges in your organisation, we provide qualified support every step of the way.

Leveraging our expertise in dyslexia and design research, we guide you on a unique journey, empowering you to enhance your workplace culture and fully harness the power of Dyslexic Thinking.

Using a co-design approach, we demonstrate how and why dyslexia is a crucial piece in the innovation puzzle, working with you to understand why unlocking this hidden talent benefits your innovation potential.


While we have a research-based approach, our commitment is to deliver practical and actionable guidance that engages, inspires, and empowers positive change.



Working together to unlock your skills and potential.


"We have been excited to partner on this dyslexia pilot ... Personally I have learnt a significant amount as a participant (particularly given the significant representation of dyslexic thinkers in our community) and I think that this body of work has the opportunity to not only open minds and career pathways into tech, but also gives us the awareness to be significantly more inclusive in our practices as an employer."

Human Resources Leader

Agnes Roberts | Trimble New Zealand


Our happy clients

"My understanding of dyslexia has increased 100%.
The balance of workshop activities and information sharing was excellent!"
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